About Us

A journey changes your world view forever. By striving to assemble the best packages in lifestyle travel, we at Sophia’s Travel make sure your trip will be worth remembering.

  Our knowledge and areas of specialization are the direct result of 20 years of success in the travel industry and based on our personal travel experiences having significant world-wide travel knowledge. This enables us to supply valuable and resourceful information to our customers.

Our excellence was noticed by Travel Agent magazine, who named Sophia’s Travel one of the Top 25 Travel Agents in 2010.

What makes us different from other agencies is our approach: Not only do we book your complete vacation, we offer objective advice and concierge level service every step of the way. And, we take the time to get to know you so your vacation dreams really do become reality.

Our recommendations are based on your preferences, the character of the destination, and the reviews about the properties. Our goal is to discover the right destination and the finest accommodations, that offer you the best value.

We work hard to make each travel experience stimulating, memorable and trouble free so that you can think about more important things-like having your dream vacation! We know the world and all the ways for you to discover it. We are passionate about travel and assuring the happiness of our customers. We don’t just fulfill your expectations, we take them beyond what you thought possible. Your personal consultant will work with you to offer informed recommendations and tailor the perfect trip to fit your individual style.

We are unbiased professionals, whose top priority is looking out for your best interests. Our unique personalized approach to vacation travel brings you a world of possibilities. Don’t waste another minute trying to put together the details of your vacation.

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